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Find out why Black Eagle Tree Services is one of the highest reviewed tree service companies in our area.

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Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). When working with Black Eagle, you will be guided by a qualified tree expert.

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We own and operate a wide variety of modern equipment and safety gear required to perform all types of residential and commercial tree services.

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The key in our success is maintaining a strong belief that your satisfaction comes first, and that your expectations must be exceeded – no excuses!

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We provide 24-Hour emergency services for storm-damaged trees, that have failed and resulted in damage to your property, and for any other hazardous tree.

Highly Reviewed

Black Eagle Tree is one of the highest reviewed tree service companies in our area. We are grateful that our customers take the time to share their experiences.

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At Black Eagle Tree Services, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality service at fair and reasonable rates.

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We’ve completed over 2,000 projects in our area. That is a lot of tree trimmings, tree removals, stump removals, and most importantly, satisfied customers!

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When should trees be removed?

Tree removal is reserved as a last resort for trees that are dead, dying, or pose significant safety hazards. But if you’ve already tried safety management strategies with limited success, tree removal may be your only option. 

 It may be time to remove a tree if it is experiencing infection, weak growth, root defects, or the growth of epicormic shoots at its base. Removal may also be necessary if the tree has large dead branches in the crown, a decaying, compromised, or hollow trunk, if it’s leaning, if it’s growing under power lines, or too close to a structure.

 If a tree falls and causes damage or injury, you, as the homeowner, are liable. It’s always better to mitigate the risk and remove the tree.

How do you get rid of tree branches?

Like any living organism, trees need to be cared for to ensure healthy growth. That’s why you need to have your trees pruned regularly. Pruning trees is like giving them a haircut; it removes dead material and encourages new growth for better overall tree health. It opens up the canopy, allowing for optimal airflow and good coverage while helping to prevent disease. Plus, it keeps you, your property, and others safe. 

Once branches are removed, you can call your local Waste Management Department to mulch it. Alternately, you might bring the branches to the dump, chip them yourself, or consider hiring a local tree service company.

How long can a dead tree remain standing?

Every tree is different. This means that there is no surefire answer to how long any dead tree can remain standing on its own. It could be days or even years. However, just because it doesn’t fall on its own doesn’t mean it should stay standing. Once dead, your foliage becomes a hazard and should be removed. 

If you’ve determined that a tree is most definitely dead, you need to act quickly. A mature tree can be enormous and heavy. If it falls on its own, it’s capable of doing massive damage to property, or worse, injuring someone.

Do I need a permit to cut a tree in my backyard?

Although the details vary from city to city, the short answer is yes, you need a permit to remove protected trees. A protected tree is:

  • A tree with a trunk measuring 5” DBH (diameter at breast height) or larger on residential and non-residential properties that are developed, vacant, or under construction.
  • A tree with a trunk measuring 12” DBH or larger on a residential property that hosts the principal dwelling.

Tampa Bay’s municipal government has a list of trees that don’t require a permit to remove, and you may also remove a dead tree without a permit. If you’re unsure about whether you need a permit for your property, an ISA certified arborist will be able to assess your tree. However, in cases of historic tree preservation, it’s tough to get a permit for removal. 

A tree cutting permit can be obtained and submitted by a licensed general contractor, a tree servicing business, an authorized agent, or a one-or-two-family residential property owner. 

What happens if you cut down a tree without a permit?

According to Tampa Bay’s regulations, unauthorized tree removal is a serious offense and will be treated as such. Illegal removal may lead to a fine, although the amount you are fined usually depends on the severity of the situation. For instance, if you make a slight mismeasurement of DBH and consequently remove the tree, you may receive a small fine. If you fail to comply with local historic tree preservation guidelines, or remove a historic oak tree, expect to face some consequences.

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Stephanie D.

 “Black Eagle Tree Services made sure that my surroundings wouldn’t be impacted by the labor of the tree trimmings tree removal. They were organized, timely, and cleaned after themselves when done. Great job!”

Julio H.

“ I was searching for tree service in Clearwater to have two stumps grinded, and decided to get a quote from this business. Black Eagle arborists know exactly what they are doing and I appreciate they considered my busy schedule.”

Leslie P.

“This company has a group of expert tree professionals. I was so pleased to see the outcome of what I requested. In my mind, pruning trees seemed like a lengthy complicated process, but was pleasantly surprised to hear that they were done before I even knew it. I’m a very happy customer.“

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