The Many Benefits of Tree Trimming

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Tree Care | 0 comments

Trimming your trees is all part of routine maintenance. Here in Florida, where the landscape is regularly subjected to brutal storm conditions, it’s especially important to keep your trees healthy, happy, and able to repair themselves.

As a home or business owner, there are lots of great reasons to keep your trees trimmed. Here are just a few: 

  • Aesthetics. Pruning your trees improves their appearance, making them appear shapely and well-groomed.
  • Health. Removing weak and diseased limbs keeps your tree strong and healthy. Trimming helps you avoid breakages, and allows your trees to develop sturdy, structurally sound frames.
  • Growth. Regular pruning, even when the branches are healthy, helps stimulate good growth, and promotes overall tree health. It’s like a haircut for your tree!
  • Safety. By trimming away excess growth, you are protecting yourself, your property, and others from the hazards of broken branches.
  • Curb Appeal. Healthy, mature trees can be a selling point for your home. Maintaining your greenery is always a good investment.

Topping: What Not To Do

For the casual arborist, a common tree care mistake many people make is something we call “topping.” Topping, also known as “hat-racking,” is the practice of improperly over-pruning a tree. This happens when large branches, entire treetops, or portions of the tree’s trunk are hacked away. When too much living material is chopped off, the regrowth isn’t well-attached to the tree’s trunk. Even though it might look solid, a topped tree can become a hazard as it grows larger. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re doing. Trim, don’t chop!

Canopy Maintenance 

Thinning your tree’s canopies can also be hugely beneficial to growth. When you stand under your trees and look up, can you see the sky between the branches? If you can’t, your canopy could be a bit too dense. If this is the case, it isn’t helping your trees achieve their best growth. Thinning the canopy enables good airflow, allows lower branches to get some sunlight, and it allows the tree to move freely.

 Start Trimming Early On

For best results, the best approach is to start trimming your trees while they’re still young. This will encourage natural, healthy growth and ensure your tree has structural integrity as it grows. Much like the dead ends of human hair, tree branches have to be removed periodically to allow newer and more vigorous growth to replace it. Trees, when properly trimmed, will flourish, and become strong. 

When Not To Trim 

Keep in mind that it’s only necessary to trim broad-leaf trees and conifers. Unlike broad-leaf trees, conifers don’t have canopies to thin, but you should trim them to control their outward growth and to get rid of diseased limbs. 

Palm trees don’t need to be trimmed, although they do appreciate a bit of care now and again. You can remove coconuts, large seeds, and brown fronds, but they are otherwise very low-maintenance.


When You Need Help With Your Trees, Call The Experts!

When it comes to getting the best care for your trees, you need expertise and hands-on experience to keep them healthy and looking great. Trust the professionals at Black Eagle Tree Services to provide exceptional tree trimming and other arborist services. Let us help you protect and beautify your Florida property! Sometimes, a trim is all you need! Reach out today to book your next tree service.